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    Amaranth Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the nutritious goodness of the gluten-free amaranth rice cakes. These flavor-packed, healthy snacks are made from all-natural ingredients and are ideal for any time of day. The useful ingredients in our amaranth rice cakes keep your taste buds guessing. Try them right away to enjoy the explosion of flavor and health in every bite!

  • Sale! organic brown rice cakes

    Black Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the healthful and tasty goodness of black rice cakes. These cakes, which are made from premium black rice, are also gluten-free and loaded with fiber and antioxidants. They are the ideal snack at any time thanks to their distinct flavor burst and delicious crunch. Discover a guilt-free snacking choice that is healthy for both you and the environment by trying our organic black rice cakes today.

  • Sale! ambrosia organic brown rice cakes

    Brown Rice Cakes


    We believe that brown rice cakes are the perfect choice for those craving a healthy and delicious munch! Why? Because our brown rice cakes are made of natural ingredients, from the nutrients to the flavor. Want to have a perfectly satisfying crunch any time of the day? Order our vegan, gluten-free and organic brown rice cake to give your body and taste buds a healthy punch!

  • Sale! organic buckwheat rice cakes

    Buckwheat Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the perfect combination of taste and nutrition which is buckwheat rice cakes. Apart from being crispy and healthy, our buckwheat rice cakes are made from ingredients of the highest quality, allowing you to have a guilt-free snack time. Order your bundle of nutritious, tasty and guilt-free snacks today from

  • Sale! chia seeds rice cakes

    Chia Seeds Rice Cakes


    Get the ideal balance of flavor and nutrition with chia seed rice cakes. These cakes are a nutritious snack option that will keep you energized all day long because they are made with clean ingredients and are packed with vital nutrients. These rice cakes are the ideal supplement to your diet because of their crispy texture and delicious flavor. Taste them right away to taste the explosion of flavors in every bite!

  • Sale! organic multigrain rice cake

    Multigrain Rice Cakes


    Are you looking for a tasty and healthy snack option? Try multigrain rice cakes for a mouthwatering combination of nutritious grains and rice. These snacks are ideal for sating mid-afternoon appetites because of their distinctive crunch and chew texture combination. They are also a guilt-free pleasure because they are low in calories and high in fiber. Discover the ideal snack for any time of day by giving our multigrain rice cakes a try now!

  • Sale! organic ragi rice cakes

    Organic Ragi Rice Cakes


    Treat yourself to a guilt-free, healthy, delicious snack with Amrosia organic ragi rice cake containing nutrient-rich ragi and brown rice. Our ragi rice cakes contain essential ingredients of the finest quality and flavor. Your body and taste buds deserve the best so why not treat them with ragi rice cakes? Order your pack of ragi rice cake today!

  • Sale! organic quinoa rice cakes

    Quinoa Rice Cakes Online


    In search of a great and healthy snack? Try quinoa rice cakes. These protein and fibre-rich cakes are made with nourishing quinoa and rice and are the ideal guilt-free treat. Our recipe, which uses a savoury combination of herbs and spices, is brimming with flavour. Quinoa Rice Cakes are the ideal option if you’re searching for a filling snack or a quick dinner on the road. Get a new favourite snack that is healthy for you and your taste buds by giving them a try now!