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    Ambrosia Organic White Rice Atta- (Pack of 2) (500gms per pack)


    White Rice Atta Ambrosia Organic Rice Flour has the following health benefits: it helps regulate bowel movements, control blood sugar levels, and promote cardiovascular health. Rice flour’s nutritional value makes it a great food option for preserving bone and skeletal health. Rice Flour with Ambrosia Organic  Nutrition White rice flour has 578 calories per cup,…

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    Ambrosia Organic Wild Honey – Pack Of 1 (250 gms)


    Wild Honey Honey from Ambrosia Organic Wild is entirely natural. This exceptional honey, which is derived from the mangrove-based nectar, has a very particular taste and flavour and is sourced directly from the honey collectors, also referred to as the Maulis of the Sundarbans. Wildflowers including mustard, mahua, niger, and karanja provide the raw materials…

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    Buy Ambrosia Organic Amaranth Grain Online – 500gm (pack of 2)


    Make your meals healthy with Organic Amaranth Grain.    Get the nutritious Ambrosia Organic Amaranth Grain Online   Organic Amaranth is considered among the ancient and most nutritious grains of India. Ambrosia’s Amaranth seeds are obtained using chemical-free processes and are a main ingredient in baby foods, pasta, bread, instant drinks etc. The Amaranth grain…

  • Buy Ambrosia Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter Online- 450gm (Pack of 2)


      Enjoy your snacks with a healthy spread!   Buy Ambrosia’s Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter Online   Ambrosia Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter is made from our very own organically grown peanuts, which is why it is so good. After the peanuts have been sun-dried it is taken to the village where they are expertly roasted…

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      This product is only for Taste purpose and to introduce “what is the Ambrosia Rice Cakes” you can taste this product absolutely free. You can ask the code on Instagram page of Ambrosia organic farm. Once you completed order pls share your order id screenshot on instagram story and Tag AMBROSIA ORGANIC FARM page….