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  • Sale! ambrosia organic amaranth grain

    Amaranth Grain


    Learn about the health advantages and culinary applications of Ambrosia organic amaranth grain. This ancient grain is gluten-free and easy to digest, and it is high in protein, fiber, and important minerals. See why amaranth is becoming a popular choice for health-conscious eaters by reading our guide to preparing and incorporating it into your diet. Buy today and enjoy the delectable flavor and nutritional benefits of amaranth grain!

  • Sale! organic amaranth pooped

    Amaranth Popped


    Your search for a healthy and versatile gluten-free grain comes to an end with Ambrosia’s Organic Amaranth (popped). These popped Amaranth packets are high in nutrients, fiber and protein and can be used in various dishes like baked goods, salads and porridge. Find out the features and benefits of Amaranth popped along with some delicious recipes through which you can incorporate Amaranth into your diet from this page.

  • Sale! ambrosia organic buckwheat atta

    Buckwheat Atta (Kuttu Flour)


    The market is flooded with alternatives to regular flour but a gluten-free alternative to flour is buckwheat atta! The specialty of Ambrosia organic buckwheat atta is it is rich in essential nutrients like protein and fiber which aids a healthy lifestyle. Check out the available offers and order our premium quality organic buckwheat atta now!

  • Sale! organic granola

    Granola Extra


    Granola is a delicious meal substitution that contains premium ingredients. Our granola extra is loaded with antioxidants, grains, seeds and nuts that provide a crunchy blend to your wholesome snack or breakfast. Order your packet of granola extra to stay fueled and satisfied all day long!

  • Sale! organic himalaya rock salt

    Himalaya Rock Salt


    Himalaya rock salt is the perfect choice for those who want to enhance the flavor of their meals healthily and naturally. Our Himalaya rock salt is a premium-quality salt extracted manually from the ancient deposits in the Himalayan mountains. Our Himalaya rock salt is rich in trace elements and minerals. Buy the Himalaya rock salt today to elevate the texture and taste of your favorite food!

  • Sale! ambrosia organic kodo millet

    Kodo Millet


    Ambrosia organic kodo millet comes with an immense amount of nutritional benefits because it contains essential minerals, protein and fiber. 100% organic and gluten-free grain, our kodo millet is of premium quality that you can find online. Adopt kodo millet into your diet routine now by placing an order from the comfort of your home. Also, in case you forgot, we are not charging anything to get your kodo millets delivered to your doorstep.

  • Sale! ambrosia organic little millet

    Little Millet


    Unlock the extraordinary health benefits of Little Millet, a nutritional powerhouse that can transform your well-being. With its remarkable properties, Little Millet is more than just a grain – it’s a secret weapon for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

  • Sale! Ambrosia Organic Lotus Seeds

    Lotus Seeds


    Ambrosia organic’s top-quality assortment will help you explore the distinctive and tasty world of lotus seeds. Our lotus seeds come from the best suppliers and are great for snacks or as an ingredient in your favorite dishes. These lotus seeds have a wide range of textures and aromas that are sure to entice your palate. We have everything, from crisp and crunchy to soft and chewy! Place your order right away to enjoy the explosion of taste that lotus seeds have to give.

  • Sale! black rice

    Organic Black Rice


    Are you looking for a highly-nutritious superfood packed with fiber and antioxidants? Then black rice is the perfect product for you! Our sustainably-grown premium black rice is a perfect match for health-conscious consumers who want to add a delicious and unique twist to their meals. Order the black rice now and get it delivered to your doorstep for free!

  • Sale! Black Salt Ambrosia Organic

    Organic Black Salt


    Black salt comes from the pristine salt pans of the Himalayas that offer a unique flavor to your food and has multiple health benefits. For health-conscious consumers, black salt is a pure and healthy choice due to the presence of essential minerals and the absence of chemical additives. Try out our organic black salt to add a distinct flavor and aroma to your recipes.

  • Sale! organic buckwheat

    Organic BuckWheat


    Buckwheat grain is a gluten-free superfood that contains fiber, protein and essential minerals. Buy your daily dose of buckwheat grain online today and savor the taste as a healthy alternative to rice, gluten-free baking and hearty salads!

  • Sale! organic chia seeds

    Organic Chia Seeds


    If your search for a food component, that will aid in weight loss, and improves your heart health and digestion, has brought you here, then look no further! Chia seeds are where your search for a healthy food component ends. Order the chia seeds containing Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein and incorporate them into your diet today!