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    Amaranth Grain


    Learn about the health advantages and culinary applications of Ambrosia organic amaranth grain. This ancient grain is gluten-free and easy to digest, and it is high in protein, fiber, and important minerals. See why amaranth is becoming a popular choice for health-conscious eaters by reading our guide to preparing and incorporating it into your diet. Buy today and enjoy the delectable flavor and nutritional benefits of amaranth grain!

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    Amaranth Popped


    Your search for a healthy and versatile gluten-free grain comes to an end with Ambrosia’s Organic Amaranth (popped). These popped Amaranth packets are high in nutrients, fiber and protein and can be used in various dishes like baked goods, salads and porridge. Find out the features and benefits of Amaranth popped along with some delicious recipes through which you can incorporate Amaranth into your diet from this page.

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    Amaranth Rice Cake Gym Edition


    If you are tired of figuring out the perfect pre or post-workout snack then look no further than Ambrosia’s organic amaranth rice cake (gym edition). The rice cake is the perfect fuel for your body that will help you nail your next gym session. To stay fuelled and focused all day long, try our gym edition rice cake and see the difference for yourself.

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    Amaranth Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the nutritious goodness of the gluten-free amaranth rice cakes. These flavor-packed, healthy snacks are made from all-natural ingredients and are ideal for any time of day. The useful ingredients in our amaranth rice cakes keep your taste buds guessing. Try them right away to enjoy the explosion of flavor and health in every bite!

  • Sale! organic brown rice cakes

    Black Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the healthful and tasty goodness of black rice cakes. These cakes, which are made from premium black rice, are also gluten-free and loaded with fiber and antioxidants. They are the ideal snack at any time thanks to their distinct flavor burst and delicious crunch. Discover a guilt-free snacking choice that is healthy for both you and the environment by trying our organic black rice cakes today.

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    Blueberry Peanut Butter


    Blueberry peanut butter is a deliciously creamy blueberry peanut butter that contains real blueberries and roasted peanuts. The blueberry peanut butter is made with the finest ingredients for health freaks who love a sweet, healthy and guilt-free snack option. Enjoy the nutty goodness and blueberry flavor by ordering our blueberry peanut butter and getting it delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge!

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    Brown Rice Cake Gym Edition


    Have you been feeling a loss of sustained energy during or after your workout session? Worry not as Ambrosia organic brings to you their brown rice cake (gym edition) that will serve you as a pre-workout booster or a post-workout snack. Our brown rice cake for gym lovers is made with wholesome brown rice and packs a nutritional punch to provide you with sustained energy. Want to take your fitness to the next level? Why wait? Try out our brown rice cake gym edition today!

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    Brown Rice Cakes


    We believe that brown rice cakes are the perfect choice for those craving a healthy and delicious munch! Why? Because our brown rice cakes are made of natural ingredients, from the nutrients to the flavor. Want to have a perfectly satisfying crunch any time of the day? Order our vegan, gluten-free and organic brown rice cake to give your body and taste buds a healthy punch!

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    Buckwheat Atta (Kuttu Flour)


    The market is flooded with alternatives to regular flour but a gluten-free alternative to flour is buckwheat atta! The specialty of Ambrosia organic buckwheat atta is it is rich in essential nutrients like protein and fiber which aids a healthy lifestyle. Check out the available offers and order our premium quality organic buckwheat atta now!

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    Buckwheat Rice Cake Gym Edition


    Having trouble finding a delicious and healthy snack to fuel your workouts? Your trouble ends here with the buckwheat rice cake gym edition for fitness freaks who want to stay at the pinnacle of their game. The buckwheat rice cake contains wholesome ingredients rich in nutrients. What makes the buckwheat rice cake (gym edition) special is it can be used both to satiate your hunger cravings and boost your energy levels. Order to experience the best of the fuels for your body!

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    Buckwheat Rice Cakes


    Enjoy the perfect combination of taste and nutrition which is buckwheat rice cakes. Apart from being crispy and healthy, our buckwheat rice cakes are made from ingredients of the highest quality, allowing you to have a guilt-free snack time. Order your bundle of nutritious, tasty and guilt-free snacks today from

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    Chia Seed Rice Cake Gym Edition


    Nail your workout sessions with a protein-packed and nutritious snack like chia seed rice cake gym edition. Our chia seed rice cake is the perfect foil for gym lovers due to its deliciousness and gluten-free composition. Our gym edition chia seed rice cakes contain chai seeds, organic brown rice and a blend of other important nutrients that keeps your energy battery full. Buy chia seed rice cake gym edition now and bring your “A-Game” to your fitness routine!