Organic Kodo Millet

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Ambrosia organic kodo millet comes with an immense amount of nutritional benefits because it contains essential minerals, protein and fiber. 100% organic and gluten-free grain, our kodo millet is of premium quality that you can find online. Adopt kodo millet into your diet routine now by placing an order from the comfort of your home. Also, in case you forgot, we are not charging anything to get your kodo millets delivered to your doorstep.

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Ambrosia Organic Kodo Millet Features

Some important features of Ambrosia organic kodo millet are given below – 

  • Kodo millets contain 100% more dietary fiber than white rice
  • Our kodo millets have more protein, iron and folate concentration compared to white rice
  • The product does not contain the tougher outer husk helping to preserve the bran quality and nutrients
  • Kodo millets are an easy-to-cook nutritious diet
  • The product is gluten-free

Why Should You Buy?

Listed below are some potential health benefits of Ambrosia organic kodo millet – 

  • Supports bone health – Kodo millets contain a high concentration of magnesium and calcium which are the building blocks of strong and healthy bones.
  • Helps in digestion – Kodo millets are rich in fiber which improves digestive health and prevents constipation.
  • Good for cardiac health – The antioxidants in kodo millets reduce the risk of heart diseases due to the lowering of oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Aids in weight loss – Fiber is a good compound that helps keep the hunger pangs away, thus, reducing the overall calorie intake. This in turn helps in weight management.
  • Helps manage diabetes – The glycemic index of kodo millets is very low which makes them a good meal or snack option for diabetic patients trying to regulate their blood sugar levels.
  • Rich in nutrients – Kodo millets are stuffed with essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, fiber and protein in addition to vitamins B1, B3 and B6 which are necessary for maintaining good health

How to Prepare?

Detailed instruction regarding how to prepare kodo millet is given on the back of the packaging. You can simply follow the steps to make the following dishes – 

  • Boiled kodo millet
  • Kodo millet upma
  • Kodo millet salad
  • Kodo millet porridge



1. What not to eat with kodo millets?

Ans: Diabetic patients should refrain from taking their anti-diabetic medicines if they are consuming kodo millets daily as the combination of both might cause their blood glucose level to drop too low.

2. Can kodo millets be eaten raw?

Ans: Yes, Kodo millets can be eaten raw or uncooked.

3. Can kidney patients eat kodo millets?

Ans: Yes, kidney patients can eat kodo millets from Ambrosia organic since the millets do not have a high concentration of phosphorus. 

4. Is kodo millet a good food source during fasting?

Ans: Yes, kodo millets can be eaten during fasting like in Navratri as they are highly nutritious. 

5. Can uric acid patients eat kodo millet?

Ans: Yes, since Kodo millets are rich in fiber and starch, they are a safe consumable option for uric acid patients.

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