Organic Buckwheat Grain

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Buckwheat grain is a gluten-free superfood that contains fiber, protein and essential minerals. Buy your daily dose of buckwheat grain online today and savor the taste as a healthy alternative to rice, gluten-free baking and hearty salads!

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Ambrosia Organic Buckwheat Grain Features

Here are some important features of Organic buckwheat grain – 

  • The product is 100% organic in nature
  • Buckwheat grain is rich in nutrients and contains more fiber than oatmeal
  • Buckwheat is a gluten-free product that has an extraordinary plant compound called Rutin
  • The components found in buckwheat grain improve heart health, control blood sugar levels and help in weight management

Why Should You Buy Ambrosia Organic Buckwheat Grain?

Here are some of the health benefits you will gain after incorporating buckwheat grain into your diet – 

  • Contains plant-based Compounds – Buckwheat grain contains plant-based protein and compounds like Rutin that makes it an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians. 
  • Good for your heart – Buckwheat grains are rich in flavonoids that regulate blood pressure levels, blood glucose levels and blood lipid levels and thus decreasing the chances of heart diseases. 
  • Strengthen your bones – The high magnesium content in buckwheat grains improves your bone health. Magnesium is an important element that reduces the risk of osteoporosis by maintaining bone density. 
  • Boosts your immunity – Buckwheat grains consist of important nutrients like zinc, iron and vitamin B6 among others that help you maintain a healthy immune system. 

How to Prepare Buckwheat Grain?

Follow the steps given below to prepare yourself a dish using buckwheat grains – 

  1. Open the buckwheat grain packet and pour the content into a bowl
  2. Rinse the content of the packet in running water
  3. Soak the buckwheat grains in a bowl of water until the natural coatings come out
  4. Drain the soaking water and buckwheat grains into a boiling pot to boil until the content of the pot becomes tender or the water is absorbed completely
  5. Let the content cool down and fluff it properly to separate the grains from the unwanted stuff
  6. Serve the cooked buckwheat grain as per your taste preferences

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