Organic Black Rice

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Are you looking for a highly-nutritious superfood packed with fiber and antioxidants? Then black rice is the perfect product for you! Our sustainably-grown premium black rice is a perfect match for health-conscious consumers who want to add a delicious and unique twist to their meals. Order the black rice now and get it delivered to your doorstep for free!

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Ambrosia Organic Black Rice Features

Listed below are some important features of black rice to ensure you enjoy the goodness of this product – 

  • 100% organic product
  • A product that is highly rich in protein and fiber
  • Black rice is a gluten-free product that is healthy for diabetic patients as well
  • It contains a potent antioxidant called anthocyanin which is a traditional herb to reduce blood pressure
  • The antioxidant nature of black rice has a positive impact on not only the heart and eyes but also protects against certain strains of cancer and helps manage weight

Why Should You Buy?

The black rice offers numerous health benefits. Listed below are all the health benefits of consuming black rice and why you should buy it – 

  • Low glycemic index – Black rice contains a very low glycemic index that keeps your blood sugar levels in check making it an ideal consumable product for people with diabetes
  • Fiber-rich product – Black rice contains a high concentration of fiber that aids in digestive health. High fiber concentration means you will not suffer from hunger pangs often which will allow you to manage your weight. 
  • Black rice is gluten-free – Black rice is naturally a gluten-free product allowing people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance to consume it. 
  • Contains antioxidant anthocyanin – The presence of antioxidant anthocyanin means that free radicals cannot cause more damage to your cells. With the presence of antioxidants, the chances of inflammation and catching chronic diseases are reduced significantly. 

How to Prepare?

The step-by-step instruction to prepare black rice can be found on the back side of the packet and in this section – 

  1. Open your packet of black rice and pour the product into a container
  2. Rinse the black rice in running water 
  3. Add water and salt to a boiling pot and allow the mixture to heat up
  4. Add the black rice when the water is warm and allow it to boil with a tight-fitting lid
  5. After you find the rice has gone tender, turn the heat off and allow the mixture to cool down before serving it



1. Is black rice healthy?

Ans: Yes, black rice from is very healthy as it is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and fiber while having no gluten and a low glycemic index. Consuming black rice can give your heart and overall health a much-needed boost. 

2. Which is the best black rice brand in India?

Ans: Ambrosia organic is one of the best black rice brands in India. The product is 100% organic and vegan and is certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). 

3. What are the biggest benefits of organic black rice?

Ans: Consuming a healthy dose of black rice can have the following benefits – 

  • Keeps you safe from chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Helps in weight management by keeping hunger pangs at bay
  • Helps keep blood sugar levels in check due to its low glycemic index

4. What is the price of organic black rice in India?

Ans: Ambrosia organic offers one of the best price ranges for black rice in India. A single packet of black rice weighing 500 gms will cost you only INR 216 (free delivery). 

5. How to cook organic black rice?

Ans: The procedure to cook black rice from is similar to normal rice. Just wash the rice and put it into a boiling water pot. Boil till the rice is tender or the water is absorbed. Allow it to cool down and serve as per your appetite.

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