Ragi Atta

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Ragi atta is a natural and healthy alternative to traditional wheat flour. Our organic ragi atta is made from the finest grains and contains essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients. These compounds are mandatory to achieve optimal wellness and health. Ragi atta does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals, making it a sustainable and safe choice for your family. Buy ragi atta today and taste the difference!

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Ambrosia Organic Ragi Atta Features

Given below are some important features of ragi atta – 

  • The product is naturally gluten-free
  • Ragi atta contains a lot of dietary fiber that helps improve digestion
  • Our organic ragi atta is also rich in protein which is a major component for cell repairing
  • It contains calcium which helps in maintaining a healthy bone structure
  • Our product is also rich in iron concentration which helps in hemoglobin production

Why Should You Buy Ambrosia Organic Ragi Atta?

There are several health benefits of consuming ragi atta as it is – 

  • Rich in nutrients – Ragi atta is rich in essential nutrients that promote a healthy metabolism. It contains protein, fiber, iron and calcium along with vitamins B1 and B2. 
  • Good for bone health – Our organic ragi atta is rich in calcium which is an essential component for strong teeth and bones. 
  • Helpful in regulating blood sugar – The complex carbohydrate content in ragi atta is a very helpful component that keeps blood sugar levels in check. The human body takes longer to digest complex carbohydrates which regulate blood sugar levels. 
  • An immunity booster – Ragi atta contains antioxidants that protect the human body from various diseases by boosting the immunity system.

How to Prepare Ragi Atta?

Detailed instructions to prepare delicacies using ragi atta are available on the back of the packaging. 

Ragi Atta FAQs


1. Who should avoid consuming ragi atta?

Ans: People suffering from kidney stones should avoid consuming ragi atta as it might result in an increased concentration of oxalic acid in the body. 

2. Which is the best season to consume ragi flour?

Ans: Winter is the best season to consume ragi atta as it contains essential nutrients that keep the human body warm. 

3. Which Indian state is the biggest producer of ragi?

Ans: Karnataka is India’s biggest producer of ragi. 

4. When is the best time during the day to eat ragi atta?

Ans: According to health experts, the best time to consume ragi or ragi atta is in the morning, preferably during breakfast. 

5. Is it safe to consume ragi atta daily?

Ans: Yes, 1 to 2 helpings of ragi atta daily are considered safe if you want to include it in your daily diet plan.

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