Buckwheat Atta (Kuttu Flour)

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The market is flooded with alternatives to regular flour but a gluten-free alternative to flour is buckwheat atta! The specialty of Ambrosia organic buckwheat atta is it is rich in essential nutrients like protein and fiber which aids a healthy lifestyle. Check out the available offers and order our premium quality organic buckwheat atta now!

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Ambrosia Organic Buckwheat Atta Features

Some important features of buckwheat atta are discussed below – 

  • Buckwheat atta is a rich source of protein and fiber
  • The product is 100% organic and allergen-free
  • Buckwheat grain helps improves heart health, maintains blood sugar levels and helps in weight management

Why Should You Buy Ambrosia Organic Buckwheat Atta?

  • Buckwheat is a great source of protein, fiber, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus, among other important nutrients. It also contains antioxidants like rutin and quercetin.
  • Buckwheat is naturally free of gluten, making it a great replacement for those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
  • Researchers have discovered that the antioxidants in buckwheat, like rutin, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and generally enhance heart health.
  • Buckwheat has a low glycemic index, which means it can assist diabetics in controlling their blood sugar levels.
  • Buckwheat’s high fiber content can support regular bowel movements and prevent constipation.
  • Reduced LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels have been discovered in buckwheat, which can minimize the chance of developing high cholesterol.

How to Cook Buckwheat Atta?

Here are the steps by which you can use buckwheat atta to prepare a meal – 

  1. Open the packet of buckwheat atta and pour the content of the packet into a plate
  2. Start adding water in small quantities while continuing to mix the atta with your hand to bring the dough together
  3. After the dough comes together, use both your hands to start kneading the dough
  4. Roll each dough ball and use a rolling pin to evenly spread the dough flat
  5. Put the uncooked flat spread on a pre-heated tawa
  6. Serve the roti with some other delicacies 

Buckwheat Atta FAQs


1. By which name is Buckwheat atta known in India?

Ans: Buckwheat atta is commonly known as “Kuttu ka Atta” in India. Generally associated with Indian festivals like Janmashtami, Shivaratri and Navaratri. 

2. Can I keep buckwheat atta in a fridge?

Ans: Yes, you can keep buckwheat atta in a fridge provided it has not gone past its date of expiration. 

3. Are there any side effects of consuming buckwheat flour?

Ans: No, there are no visible side effects of consuming buckwheat flour. 

4. Is India the largest producer of Buckwheat in the world?

Ans: No, Russia is the largest producer of buckwheat in the world. 

5. Why is buckwheat atta so expensive?

Ans: The ratio of buckwheat consumer to production is very high which is the major reason why buckwheat atta is very expensive. However, ambrosia oragnic buckwheat atta is priced reasonably compared to others due to the offers it has for its customers.

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