Some Wonderful News!

Our Story

Dave from Ambrosia Organic Farm

Today we are re-launching Farm Fresh Organic Vegetables under the trading label “Saladbaba”

This is a great day for us at Ambrosia Organic Farm because we are finally going back to our roots where we started in1993 as India’s first organic farm company* and the first farm to grow western salads called Lettuce, Rucola and Heritage tomatoes. Because of this and because of my age I became known to some as Saladbaba; hence the name of our subsidiary.

We are growing more than fifty different vegetables both Indian and Non-Indian. Most of these are not grown organically but we make sure to give you accurate information about the product on the website.  Non-organic vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides or any other chemicals. Instead, they are grown with Organic fertilizers (Bio-compost). We are working to achieve 100% organic by next year.

Known For ?

Ambrosia is known for its wide range of organic groceries like the first Rice cakes manufactured in India. Also one of our unique worlds first Fruit flavored Honey Peanut Butter.

At Ambrosia Farm, we grow many crops that are used in our products like three varieties of rice, ragi, wheat, groundnuts, and corn. This altogether makes the famous Ambrosia salads. Our extensive network of farmers in our region enables us to access other grains and vegetables.

The vegetables are harvested in the late afternoon and packaged in the night. Furthermore, they are transported to Goa in the early hours of the morning. And are delivered within eighteen hours from harvest to your door to ensure that you get the freshest produce possible.

We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. We are able to offer you quality vegetables at such good value because Saladbaba is involved at every stage of the process. From producing the compost that the farmers use for fertilizer to the delivery system that brings it to your door. We have eliminated all the middlemen that are usually involved in the process. We work directly with our farmers and transport the vegetables ourselves.

We are now and have always been farmers. Our mission is to send quality organic vegetables to the people of Goa. In addition with providing support to our network of farmers by providing them with a good market that rewards. We consider their efforts and lead them into sustainable organic methods. We also aim to inspire young Goans to take up organic horticulture.

To join the Saladbaba system, simply log on to, peruse our range of vegetables currently on offer. Find out the next delivery time and follow the instructions on how to fill your cart and payment options.

We hope that you will log onto the Saladbaba website and enjoy the results of our labor.

Eat well and stay healthy. “As Nature intended” Dave.

* Post Green Revolution. Even during the Green Revolution many subsistence farmers that did not have access to chemical inputs or pesticides and herbicides were always organic.